FlexiCapture Engine 11 for Invoices


Release of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 including special API for invoice capture.

General information

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 for Invoices enables developers to quickly develop solutions for extracting data from forms and documents - providing ready-to-use optimised algorithms for detecting the relevant data on invoices.

With this SDK you can build software solutions that allow to automatically classify, process and extract individual data fields from invoices and let your customer add accounts payable automation to their processes.

The SDK contains ready-to-use technology for invoice capture and an additional API for training of particular invoice fields.

It has a new API to support the following scenarios:

  • LookUpForBusinessUnits and LookUpForVendors - Matching of recognised Business Unit and recognised Vendor to corresponding items within the ERP system
  • SubmitForTraining - Training the technology to alternative invoice layouts
  • UpdateLocalData - Keeping up-to-date local data caches for known Business Units and Vendors

Who can use it?

This toolkit is meant for all companies which are developing and providing invoice processing applications or solutions like:

  • Independent Software Vendors
  • System Integrators
  • ERP vendors
  • Service Providers

Basic Workflow

  • Load the Engine
  • Obtain a copy of a prepared FlexiCapture Invoice project (Note: In this case, you can train and modify the project and have a backup copy)
  • Open the project
  • Create/open a batch
  • Add invoice images
  • Recognize images (apply invoice document definitions)
  • Review results and train the project if it is required

With special InvoiceEditor interface createable from IDocument:

  • Local data cache update
  • Business Unit lookup
  • Vendor lookup
  • The project training
  • Close documents, the batch, and the project
  • Unload the Engine

Supported countries and languages

  • The technology can process invoices originating from a number of different countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland) and supports a wide range of languages
  • All supported countries are enabled by default in the Document Definition. However, you should select only the countries from which you expect to receive invoices
  • Select right country is important because:
    • Keywords specific to invoices from that country become available to the program
    • Recognition quality will be significantly better
    • The program will know which number and currency formats to expect
  • The country of the invoice is used to determine the currency, keywords, additional fields, and the formats of fields such as IBAN and VATID
  • The country of the invoice also determines the language set. Only enable languages that will be used during recognition.
  • By selecting countries you determine which invoices the program can process

More information

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 for Invoices is currently in Beta version.

If you would like to test the invoice capture and training technology please contact ABBYY Europe >>

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