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Map of ABBYY Offices worldwide

ABBYY Group in a Nutshell

ABBYY is a global leader in the development of document recognition, content capture and language-based technologies and solutions that integrate across the entire information lifecycle.
ABBYY creates intelligent technologies ranging from document recognition and data capture to innovative language-based solutions, which are used in different environment such as desktop computers, servers, mobile devices, and Internet. Based on Artificial Intelligence principals, ABBYY technologies require continuous and extensive scientific research.

  • Founded 1989
  • > 1.250 employees
  • 16 offices worldwide
  • Technology innovator, 400 developers and scientists
  • > 40 million users of ABBYY powered applications
  • Established business partner network in over 150 countries
  • > 500 partners worldwide

Topic: ABBYY: Leading technology Innovation
Speaker: Dean Tang, Chief Executive Officer, ABBYY North American HQ

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