Download Overview - Receipt Capture SDK for Windows

Latest Release

  • Receipt Capture SDK - Release 1 (21.06.2016)
    • Release Date: 21.06.2016
    • Part#: 1317/4
    • Build#:

Download the latest release:
Receipt Capture SDK
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Free download of the latest distributive is available for ABBYY customers with a valid Software Maintenance Agreement.
Please contact your Account Manager for login information.

New Features and Improvements

Receipt Capture SDK enables software developers to integrate automatic receipt capture and extract data from receipts to support a variety of customer loyalty and incentive programs. The ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK supports both scanned receipts and receipt images snapped by a smartphone.

  • Automated Receipt Field Extraction
    • Basic fields: Vendor Name, Date, Time, Total.
    • Extended fields (technology preview): Subtotal, Tax rate, Tax value, Address, Phone, Card Type, Card Number, Currency, Fax, Payment Type, Purchase Type.
    • Line items extraction (technology preview).
  • Special Tools for Loyalty Programs
    • Pick out purchased products and extract data regarding discount coupons with special API. The search algorithm can be easily tuned for new product names.
    • Pre-trained for 100+ USA top retail chains
      • Including logo recognition for better vendor detection
      • Predefined layout descriptions
  • Accurate Data Extraction Even on Mobile Photos
    • Image preprocessing for images taken by Smartphone camera
      • Crop
      • Line straightening
      • Other OCR-specific image improvements
  • Vendor name training API
    • Receipt Capture SDK can be easily trained for new chains via API, if required.
  • Line item look-up API
    • Allows to pick out purchased products and extract discount coupon data.
  • Tax extraction
  • Commodity training

More details about individual features and the latest release distributive can be found on the download page.

Code Samples

Once you have downloaded and installed Receipt Capture SDK you can find and start all pre-compiled code samples via the main sample page.

'Hello' sample which shows how to use the SDK is provided for

  • raw C++
  • C++ with native COM support
  • C#
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Java
  • VBScript
  • JavaScript
  • Perl

Note: The samples in Java require Java Development Kit version 1.7.0 or later.

Demo samples are provided in C# only and covers the following scenarios:

  • How to extract data from receipts and work with it using the SDK.
  • How to train the SDK to particular goods and extract information on their presence among line items of a receipt.
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